Yesterday one of the biggest actors of our time Tom Cruise and producer/director Chris Mcquarrie posted a video on Tom’s Twitter feed that amazed me. Given all the crazy tweets we usually see, it takes something quite “special” to amaze me.


In the embedded tweet below Tom and Chris spend 1 and a half minutes talking about how to disable interpolation on televisions in order to see movies how the filmmakers intended. This removed the soap opera effect. Wow! This is incredibly cool.


About five seconds after the video I thought to myself, imagine if music artist did something like this for home audio.


I can only dream of the biggest artists of our time saying, “I opted against dynamic range compression because you have a volume control. Now get some proper HiFi and turn it up.” In addition, it would be amazing if they said, “I recommend trying lossless audio because its all the bits we intended to give you.”


Seriously, it would be so amazing if major music artists thought anything like this video from Tom Cruise.



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