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I recently spent time with the team from Volumio at the Munich High End show. I must say I was very impressed with how these guys think. Sure, they are technically very smart innovators with respect to digital audio. However, what we talked about most was how to collaborate and bring more value to our customers / members of our communities. I told the guys that anything that is published on Audiophile Style must have a benefit for the reader and that if the reader is giving us his time we must give something back because there’s nothing more valuable than time. The Volumio team agreed 100%. Seriously, these guys put themselves in their customer’s shoes and make decisions from that point of view.  


Situation: Volumio has a new product called the Primo and the company wants to make purchasing the product as frictionless as possible for existing customers. 


Solution: Volumio customers can list their current Volumio streamers on Superphonica and receive a 10% off code for the purchase of a new Volumio Primo. No need to wait until the unit sells, just list it and get the discount. 

This not only helps existing Volumio customers, but the 1% fee charged by Superphonica upon the sale of all items on the site goes to fund the writing staff here at Audiophile Style. So, sell your stuff, get new stuff, and get more reviews and articles about the stuff you like. It’s a win-win-win.



Here are the specifics directly from Volumio



Yes, for all of you craving to get yourself our Volumio Primo Streamer this is a great chance to put on sale your old streamer on Superphonica and immediately get 10% off on Volumio Primo!


It’s super easy:

  • List your Streamer for sale on Superphonica (or any other piece of Audio equipment)
  • Once your listing is created, you will receive via mail a 10% off coupon code for Volumio Primo
  • Head to the Volumio Primo page, add it to cart and insert the code at checkout
  • Smile, you got yourself a fantastic Audiophile Streamer and a great deal!


So, if you were considering upgrading your Streamer and getting yourself a Primo, be quick and get this deal while it lasts!













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