How to Tie a HeadWrap with a Regular Neck Scarf

I used to think this was too complicated.

I’ve had this regular neck scarf in my clothes for years. I almost donated to Goodwill during my recent move from Norcross, GA to Jacksonville, FL.

I decided against it because I love the color and the feel of the material.

I’ve been in love with the Erykah Badu type headwrap from the first moment I saw her.

I’ve finally got it down.

I shared in this quick video: My Headwrap Tie with a Regular Scarf. You can watch it below.

I know you’re wondering where to find cute headwraps and, of course, I have a list of 11 Places to Find Bomb Headwraps.

This video is posted on Facebook but you don’t need an account to view it. It’s a public video.

See full video below…

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