I’m a fiend for all things beauty. I’ve perfected my smoky eye, found just the right shade for a bold lip, and never, ever leave the house without filling in my brows.  

But here’s a confession: I hate glue-on false eyelashes. I mean — I like the look they achieve, but I hate the whole glue process. You have make sure it’s just sticky enough. One false move and you have to scrap the whole thing. It’s anxiety-inducing.  

Plus glue? Near your lashes? That’s anxiety-inducing too. So I generally save the big lash look for a special occasion once or twice a year.  

But — being the beauty fiend that I am — I was curious to give the magnetic eyelash trend a shot.  

First of all, I’d heard that magnetic eyelashes deliver results. Allure even named it one of the best beauty breakthroughs of 2016, so I knew there had to be something to the hype.  

Second of all: magnets on your eyelashes?! It sounded zany and I needed to see how it worked firsthand.

one two cosmetics full lashes

Bold Lashes At My Doorstep 

I decided to order a set from the originators of magnetic eyelashes: One Two Cosmetics. This is the company that Allure and other beauty mags have profiled, and I wanted to be sure I was getting the full experience.  

I opted for One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes, which are the full-coverage lashes. I specifically chose the bold lash set because I wanted my look to be somewhat dramatic. 

One Two Cosmetics also offers half-coverage lashes, which are placed on the outer halves of your eyes.  

Full-coverage lashes, on the other hand, extend across the entire width of your eyelid. And since I’m going for it anyway — I decided to really go for it and order a full-coverage set.

I was instantly relieved when I lifted one of the lash strips out of the case. I guess when I think of “magnets” I think “heavy” — kind of like the magnets you put on the refrigerator to hold up report cards. And I wondered how my little eyelids could possibly hold up all that weight.

Well, it turns out these magnets really aren’t heavy at all. Phew. Things were beginning to make sense here. 

The package also came with a little application tool — sort of like very fancy and specific tweezers just for magnetic eyelash application. 


The Gist 

One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes sets each comes with one long upper strip and two smaller lower strips for each eye. The base of each lash strip has a tiny magnet.  

So how does it all work? Well, you place the long upper strip on top of your lashes. Then, you place each lower strip below your lashes. The magnets in the lower lashes will connect to the magnets in the upper lashes — sandwiching your real lashes in between. Yep! It’s a lash sandwich! 

Putting Them On By Hand 

I’d read that it can take a few tries to learn how to place the lashes correctly, so I set aside some time in the afternoon to concentrate my efforts. I even watched the “How-To” tutorial on the product’s website — just to make sure I was approaching this whole thing correctly. 

The tutorial made it look pretty foolproof, so I felt ready to give it a shot myself.  

I decided to try to apply with my hands to start with, carefully placing the upper strip on top of my lashes and then fastening the two lower strips on the bottom side. I stepped back to look at myself in the mirror. It looked… crooked.  

But the video tutorial did say “Practice makes perfect” so I didn’t give in to despair yet. As directed, I removed the lashes by sliding the lashes back and forth between my thumb and index finger to pull the magnets apart. (Apparently pulling them straight out can damage the shape). 

And I tried again. And again. By the fourth time, I started to get the hang of it. The trick is finding the right angle and then placing them as close to the lash line as possible. I stepped back to look at myself in the mirror. Not bad!  

I blinked a few times and my glamorous reflection blinked back. I looked good. 

one two cosmetics full lashes


Using The Applicator 

Of course — I wanted to give the applicator tool a shot as well.  

Basically, you connect all three strips to the applicator, then position it over your eyelashes. Then you clamp down — kind of like you’re using an eyelash curler. This places the eyelashes. This took a few tries too, but once I got the positioning correct — it made the whole process even more simple and smooth.  


Luxe Lashes 

The whole thing was a lot less zany than I’d imagined.  

And the results spoke for themselves. I wore my bold lashes for the rest of the day and they didn’t budge.  

And now that I’ve got the hang of applying them — I think I’m going to wear them tomorrow too. And maybe the day after. Yep — I think my once or twice a year big lash look just turned into a daily thing.  

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