Stacy, been right there in your shoes, except my relationship of 7 years ended 3 years ago, yesterday. I call it my independence day. Getting back into the crazy, tech savvy new world of dating can feel overwhelming, but as someone who did it and found a gem of a man on tinder, can i suggest a few things to make it easier?
1. Read Aziz Ansari’s book, Modern Romance (it helped me understand how dating works these days and made it feel much more approachable. Plus, it’ll make you laugh)
2. Give yourself time to grieve your past relationship. I didn’t start dating until I’d been out of my relationship for a year and a half. I wanted to be okay being single first. Also, therapy helped me tremendously.
3. Remind yourself of this quote when times feel hard: “I’ve come to trust not that events will always unfold exactly as I want, but that I will be fine either way. The challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul’s growth.” – Marianne Williamson.

Dating is terrifying, but it’s also electrifying, fun, and full of surprises. You got this!

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