If we had a dollar for every wig Cardi B has rocked since coming on the scene, we’d be twerking in a whole lot of money.

In addition to her club-banging lyrics and blinged-out nails, wigs are a part of Cardi’s M.O.

Instagram/ I am Cardi B

She’s worn hair in every color of the damn rainbow, from blonde to slime green, but she isn’t about the glam and wigs all the time. Cardi often strips down to little-to-no makeup and no wig for her hilarious Instagram videos.

And recently, the rapper posted a photo on Instagram Stories with her natural hair on display. In the caption, she expressed the woe that is wash day: “To wash and untangle all this hair now,” she wrote, with her hair picked out.


And yes, Cardi’s hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez, confirmed that the hair in the picture is, indeed, all hers.

This isn’t the first time Cardi has shown off her natural strands to her fans. Before giving birth to her daughter, Kulture, the rapper chatted about the benefits pregnancy had on her hair (and skin) in a video.

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The rapper has previously publicly credited products by Vida Hair Growth for making her natural hair “healthy and beautiful.”

In a video clip from last May (that has since been removed from Instagram), Cardi shared that her natural hair became damaged from so much time on the road. “I haven’t really been taking care of my natural hair,” she says.

“I just be leaving it in braids for such a long time and changing wigs, but since I’m gonna be home more often, I’m going to be taking care of my natural hair by myself…”

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