Do you watch movies as a family? My friend Erin Jang (of Trader Joe’s fame) is a genius at creating special moments and she came up with an easy way to take their monthly movie night up a notch…

The Best Idea for Movie Night

Erin and her family watch movies together once a month — and it has to be simple. “On Friday evening, during the last ten minutes of work, I’m always like, what are we doing tonight? What are we eating?

After reading The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Miles had mentioned that his favorite part of the book was the feast — including chicken, cider and carrots. So, Erin decided to pull together that exact meal while they watched the movie.

She printed out an invitation that read, “Chicken, carrots & cider from Boggis, Bunce & Bean” (actually: “from Seamless, the back of the fridge bin and the bodega downstairs that had one apple juice left!” says Erin).

Next up: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. “I was just happy we finally finished the book,” says Erin. “I had to keep renewing it from the library.” But the most exciting part for kids? The golden ticket, of course. So, Erin decided to make him one. “Finally, my craft hoarding pays off because I have gold origami paper,” she laughs. After printing the golden ticket, she wrapped it around an old chocolate bar from her kitchen drawer.

After school, Erin handed Miles the chocolate. “He’s such a quiet shy kid,” she says. “When he saw the ticket, he did this big open mouth look of shock smile thing for a few seconds.”

Erin Jang and Miles

How sweet is that? And so easy. (Erin’s a graphic designer, but kids don’t care if the invitations are well-designed — yellow construction paper and a pen would be fine for a golden ticket!) “Growing up in an immigrant family, my parents worked really hard and showed their love in other ways,” Erin says. “Now as an adult myself, I’m grateful to get the chance to create these kinds of special moments with my kids.”

Erin has only one last question: “We’re reading Charlotte’s Web right now, and I want to think of something fun for that. Although what do we eat, bacon?”

P.S. An ode to rituals, and what movies do you watch with kids?

(Personal photos courtesy of Erin Jang.)

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